The AgriForte Pisculture is the largest and most developed creating of cherne fish (or surubim) from the north of the country. With high quality standards and efficient employees, we produce from the fingerlings, through fattening until the end of the fish, and thus assured of the quality of our product.

With a white, noble meat, perfect texture, not much fat. Our surubins are created with the best fish food of the market, with high protein content above 40%, which also ensures the flavor of the meat, which in any way resembles a fish hatchery.

On the river Palmeiras we have in our tanks fishing nets in a dam where the running water volume is 48 m³ / s, with this fresh water from the Tocantins basin, we also supply our dug tanks and incubators where small fries are born, which grow faster than elsewhere in the country because of its quality and health.

  • Custom Cuts
  • Fillet Cuts
  • Longitudinal cuts
  • Whole fish with head and tail
Customized products

We can customize them with your brand for retail sales.

Customized products


We can adapt according to your need.